Just Breathe

Some days I just want to forget Take a step forward Learn to be truly free Except it continues to be difficult Thanks to the memories that imprison me Why is it so difficult I sit here alone finding it harder and harder just to breathe The darkness within tugging at me It sits just…Read more »


The perfect little baby A few sprigs of blonde hair Big hazel eyes for all the world to see Following the lights Tracing the shapes Fascinating just to watch After all, it was his very first time to see Sounds fill the room Laughter, crying, beeping and noise from the machines Yet he hears a…Read more »

It’s Fine

You don’t think it’s real It’s fine But don’t tell me how to feel Minimize my pain It’s fine You are only adding to my shame Point out all my flaws It’s fine I’m doing my best, oh wait I guess I’m a lost cause I guess, forever alone is what I should be It’s…Read more »


It fills the skyIt warms my soulThe sunrise of a new dayThe chance to start overI find comfort in its beautyI know the day is full of possibilitiesA beautiful sightA wonderful blessingIt’s the small things and I am grateful


Which version do you prefer me to be? The me that doesn’t always suit you quite so perfectly The me that fits your perception of who I should be The me who never has moments of weakness that brings me to my knees It is difficult trying to be who everyone wants me to be…Read more »


I will never understand how someone that hurt you to your core feels entitled to play the victim You don’t get to tell me how good of a person you are when I am the one living it Like a chameleon you adjust to whoever is in the room but as soon as we are…Read more »


As I lay here awake thinking Keeping it all inside They live their lives I hate the trauma And how it has imprisoned me “Get over it, let it go” It’s not even possible How could I expect them to know It’s weight suffocates me At times I often struggle to breathe I want so…Read more »


As I sit here alone, the upstairs window slightly opened, as the rain has temporarily subsided and the silence that I often seek and find comfort in, is almost unbearable as the horror of the last 30 hours consumes me. There are no calls, no texts, no helicopters circling around, no sounds of rushing water…Read more »