The Broken Inside of Me,   Author: Taylor Grace

Some days a domestic goddess, and other days a lost woman that still hasn’t bothered to brush her hair. My journey is full of life’s whimsical tales, love, laughter, heartache, trauma, passion, fantasy and everything in between.   My writing is raw, sometimes too raw but I write it anyways, it’s my truth, my voice and I will share it. I’ve been described as honest, even complicated and have a whole lot of sassy undertones, so things get interesting,  even comical at times.

Glad you are here and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, stories and poems, as much as I enjoyed writing them!


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  1. Days go dark,
    Except the form of light,
    Dont fight it.. just sit tight,
    Shadows cannot touch you now,
    The mind is spiraling deeper down,
    Hold fast and allow..
    The gift of the crown,
    In the silence filled with creating,
    Look to the waiting,
    And when in need put your feet in the loam,
    Follow the path in your heart,
    And find your way home.

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