Because of You

Since you didn’t ask, I’ll share anyways

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I appreciate every single one of you. The connections, the conversations, the likes, your words, your writing, your personalities, your perspective, your photos, I love and appreciate it all!

This is truly a place I feel my most vulnerable and celebrated at the same time. I am so grateful ♥️ it’s because of you, your struggle, your truths, your stories, your jokes, your encouraging words and everything Inbetween!

I’m here, I see it, I feel it, I appreciate it and I offer my deepest gratitude ♥️

Word can not convey the emotions felt daily as I read your words and communicate with you.

You inspire me daily
You provoke thought
You provide answers
You validate my truth
You accept me as I am
An amazing community

I just thought you should know, I see and I am eternally grateful ♥️


Positivity Press #51 — Luna

While you are judging Others are suffering Silence is a killer Implanting fear We all just want to be accepted Be kind If negativity leads your words Don’t speak Just listen Sometimes that’s all that is needed It could save a life Something so simple Hearing the words that we are scared to say Tremendous […]

via Positivity Press #51 — Luna

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