Did you know
You are never alone
Despite the days, weeks, months or years that pass
In my heart, my thoughts and my prayers
I am here

Did you know
Not time, nor distance, or the words unspoken
Could ever take away the bond we share
That kind of unconditional love doesn’t get broken
I am here

Did you know
The pain, the heartache, and sense of never belonging
Forever stealing the joy of most days
We are both broken just in different ways
I am here

Did you know
That hopeless feeling, the endless running and the demons that encase us
All just a quiet moment away
I know who you are because I am the same
I am here

Did you know
The childhood memories I hold near
They all include you
You were the light on some of my darkest days
You are my Bubba
And I am still here




Miss You

Creative Talents Unleashed

The words left unspoken
Would it matter
Absence of a kiss
Would it be missed
Early morning embrace
What if it never took place
Holding your hand
Would it be longed for
If we, were never us
Would your heart understand
I miss you
I miss the you, before life got in the way
I miss the us, that lived for the moment
I miss the way you gazed at me
Such love, compassion, and intensity
Gone are the moments
Love is history
I just wanted to know
Would you miss me


Set on Fire

Visualization of identity
The fire burning in me
The beauty of everything
The world around me
My playground
Igniting every part of me
Exploding creativity
Setting me free


Creative talents unleashed

Yes Please

A Goddess
Sharing fantasies
Mysterious charm
Body bared
Awakening your cravings
Alluring glare
Try not to stare
She is fixating on you
Blindly, you fall
Entangling you in her web
Don’t be scared
She speaks, “Come closer, let me feel you”
Rationale thoughts don’t care
Step into ecstasy
Breathe her need
If you dare


InspirationCall, Creative Talents Unleashed: Micropoetry Monday

An illusion
A dream
Sinking further
Desperately seeking
To be
Your reality


#WritingPrompt #WritersChallenge #InspirationCall #CreativeTalentsUnleashed

Flash Fiction Friday

Slowly drowning
In a puddle of tears
Pretending she’s not gone
Without her smile
Absent embrace
He sits alone
Seeing reflections
Her love
Her face
Another time
Another place
Longing for one more opportunity
Her lips
Another taste


#WritingPrompt #WritersChallenge #InspirationCall #CreativeTalentsUnleashed

Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera

Waves crash
Birds sing
Swirling emotions
Soul exposed
The water
Happiness reflected
Nature’s heat
Simple luxury
Calmed and composed
Beautiful and serine
Warm sand beneath my toes
Relaxed and carefree
In love with the ocean
Picture perfect
And the peace it brings


Inspiration Call: Let your eyes be the camera

#WritingPrompt #WritersChallenge #InspirationCall #CreativeTalentsUnleashed

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