Lined by books
Row after row
Roaming aimlessly
Until she found an erotic novel
The pages saturated by explicit fantasies
Captured by the words
Her arousal growing
Sex pulsing
Under her skirt
Fingers delving
Satisfying release
Her naughty secret
On the floor
At the library


Igniting fire
The landscape of her geography
Running wild
Beautifully free
Mesmerizing spirit
Sexual promiscuity
Running from judgment
She sets the world ablaze
Trail of heartache
Her journey
Her memories

Photo credit; Mark Adamus


Did you know
You are never alone
Despite the days, weeks, months or years that pass
In my heart, my thoughts and my prayers
I am here

Did you know
Not time, nor distance, or the words unspoken
Could ever take away the bond we share
That kind of unconditional love doesn’t get broken
I am here

Did you know
The pain, the heartache, and sense of never belonging
Forever stealing the joy of most days
We are both broken just in different ways
I am here

Did you know
That hopeless feeling, the endless running and the demons that encase us
All just a quiet moment away
I know who you are because I am the same
I am here

Did you know
The childhood memories I hold near
They all include you
You were the light on some of my darkest days
You are my Bubba
And I am still here




Dark Horse

Racing against mystery
Shadows looming
Cautions of intensity
Unknown struggle
Surviving memories

Hunger for truth
Taste of victory
She will win the battle that no one knows she is facing

Setting her goals
Following her dreams
Led by conviction

Paving the path
No longer silenced


Her fight against complex ptsd
The dark horse is me



My Mother Said

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge “My Mother Said”

She said a million things
A few still resonate with me
Visions of love, compassion and grace
Reflecting through the smile on her face
She didn’t have to love me
She didn’t have to raise me
She didn’t have to pick me
But she did
Adoption is everything to me
It is how I am still able to chase my dreams

A woman of such incredible beauty
Her kindness shines through the memories
While she is gone, she is still here
Dementia has stolen her memory
But occasionally she comes back to me
The last time she did
My mother told me how much she has missed me, how proud she is of me and how much she loves me
Those are the moments I cherish
For one day soon
It will be all that I will have to hold on to.


InspirationCall, Creative Talents Unleashed: Micropoetry Monday

An illusion
A dream
Sinking further
Desperately seeking
To be
Your reality


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A spiritual awakening
Clarity arrives in waves
My mind
My body
Inner peace
My heart
The sea
Answers wake
Questions dive deep
Mental calmness
The ocean and me


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #101

Even in the moments she feels less than beautiful
He still sees a reflection of the woman he married
When life gets in the way
He sees her exhausted love and is grateful for the sacrifices made
The wife
The mother
The friend
The love
He still sees
He still is in awe of her beauty
He still appreciates every little thing
He still sees her vibrant personality
He still gets caught sneaking a peek



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #101

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #101

Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction, Creative Talents Unleashed

Beauty to behold
Her presence
wild yet bold
Seeking peace
Forgotten soul
Story manifolds
Darkness within
Fear unknown
Reflecting anguish
Solidarity echos
True to herself
A goddess among most
Strong purpose
Location controlled


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday


In the shadows
Waiting for me
Seeking my solace
Destroying my peace
Night turns to horror
Serenity eludes me

My demons
Reeking havoc
Damaging clarity
Risking sanity
A constant battle inside of me


BrewNSpew Cafe – August 12, 2019

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 12, 2019

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