Finding Me

Illusion of sanity
Dredging up feelings
Down a dark hall
Reluctantly treading
Reliving suppressed memories
Void of empathy
Desperate screams
Darkness strangles me
Reflection of horror
Visual tragedy
Dissociative revelation
Feeling the intensity
Buried by unforgiving clarity
Guided by relentless strength
Pursuit of unity within me




Anger Displayed Poetically

Hard bites
Jaw clinched
Arms crossed
Rigid posture
Heaviness looming
Pasted on smile
Her body
Her eyes
They tell the story she isn’t speaking
Air is filled with tension
He is oblivious
That’s how you know
Not a perfect match
How do I see
A stranger
Reading her body
Her silence
Her movements
She must be mad
She is a beautiful disaster brewing
Waiting to explode
I’m intrigued
Anger displayed poetically

♥️ me

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: she must be mad


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