As she stared out the window, she felt lost.
The drama of the day consuming her completely. How had she gotten to this point, this couldn’t be her life. Replaying every word in her mind, still unable to fully comprehend. The magnitude of the words spoken, had instantly stolen her future. No longer concerned with life’s trivial things, she focused on writing. The words and tears spilling onto the paper, making it all very real. She was regretful for so many things but in the forefront of her mind was the deepest pain that was created at her hands, spoken to those she loved most. Time is an eternity but in an instant it’s gone. Kidney cancer, her reality, the opposition ahead, not a battle she would win. Her page covered in writing but this is all that it said, “Make the time for those you love, create moments and cherish every memory”.



3TC Today’s prompt: kidney, window, drama

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