Well it’s been one year
Since your path of destruction danced across Texas

Like an uninvited guest
You lingered way too long
Finally your departure cleared way for sunshine and sorrow

Our community submerged but we joined together and came out fighting Bay Colony Strong

Flooded with emotion
Depleted of the basic necessities
Relying on the kindness of strangers and a few close friends/family

Grateful for surviving
But our whole life sitting on the curb
Soaking wet memories floating around
Everything reduced to nothing but an eyesore as the trash continued to pile up
Before I knew it the house was no longer visible except for the 2nd story

Unfortunately it wasn’t just isolated to us but many families shared the same horror
Seeing everything you worked so hard for sitting there damaged day after day, week after week was an unwanted daily reminder of all you lost however I tell myself to focus on the positive, be grateful it wasn’t a worse outcome and say a prayer for those that paid the ultimate cost

So many stressed, sad and heartbroken faces but can’t deal with that now because the bank, the insurance, the mortgage, the claims, FEMA, must pull it all together, document everything, take pictures, make videos, get the vehicles towed, check in daily, send emails, make calls, do demo and try to remain calm when they are all attempting to screw you over but because we are parents and the kiddos have been through enough so had to suck it up and save the tears for later and maintain my composure until he is in bed then it’s your time and you could completely lose it and breakdown

Your most cherished items can never be replaced and the sight of them covered in mold and nastiness, leaves a profound feeling of sadness
But there is so much to do so you push it way, refocus and thank God for surviving and delivering the angels that show up as complete strangers ready to help anyway they can

I am forever changed by their Kindness
Willingness to help
For feeding my family
Delivering bottled water
Household Supplies
Prayers in the driveway
Doing our laundry
Just listening
And so much more

Ignorant to what we would be facing moving forward, is an understatement but I hope to never need this knowledge or experience ever again

Yes, it has only been one year
but to be honest it has felt like 10 and at other times it feels as if it was only weeks ago, when the weight of it slowly starts to consume me, I flash back to the moments of fear for so many who were close to not being found

Instead they were rescued just moments before they were out of options and they would have drowned
So many lives lost, not just those needing rescue but also those who risked it all for complete strangers to ensure they were delivered to a safe place on higher and dry ground

We, like so many others, are still not finished rebuilding, restoring, overcoming, or least of all ready, willing or able to deal with or face the overwhelming emotions, brought back a million times by each thunderstorm or heavy rainfall, that has threatened our progress and challenged our sanity ever since

We definitely lost it all
But like others in our community we just keep moving, pushing forward, thankful for the blessings, those that stepped up, showed us kindness, and made this whole nightmare a joint effort to help each other

It was the most beautiful outcome to experience and witness
No judgment
No hate
No fighting
No social media bashing
No rude comments
No asshole drivers
No typical daily distractions

Just an overwhelming effort to join together, support, aid and help your community
We all did what we could even if it was just sitting and listening or embracing a neighbor as the tears came rolling down

We were not just residents of Galveston county but instead just one big community banded together
What an incredible memory
It has been a year but I’ll always be thankful for those moments and will forever carry them with me
They were that profoundxoxo




Giggles and Shit

I love taking pictures, like all the time, not really of people but more nature related i.e. trees, flowers, bugs, snakes, birds, the sky, stars, clouds, sunrise, sunset, the moon, and naturally occurring architectural beauty.

This is just something I enjoy doing for myself but last night my husband says he should just buy me a good camera and I could start taking pictures of people for profit. His thought process is, do something that brings you joy and earn a buck, which in his mind equates to a win win situation. My thought process, if it brings you joy don’t ruin it by trying to make it work. Also, I don’t really even like people, super strict schedules, and let’s just face it I’ve seen how the ladies in the mom’s groups shred photographers work when it is clearly evident the photos aren’t the problem and I’m not trying to deal with all that craziness, so it’s going to be a hard no from me.

So today I’m sitting on my patio while the fur babies run around, and try to sneak attack anything hidden in the jasmine along my fences, so I’m snapping pictures and all of a sudden they both run towards the fence I’m sitting like a foot from and hit it hard like gotcha snake/lizard/frog or whatever, so I flip around while I zoom my camera in as far as it goes, to see if I can determine what it is they have spotted.

A couple minutes go by and I walk down the patio to take a closer look with phone in hand, camera zoomed in and I begin surveying between/under the jasmine and the fence, I’m intently looking and quietly inching my way down the concrete sidewalk and I see movement! Ok this is it, this is the moment I’m going to snap an amazing photo, with my “super professional camera” (insert humor), so I’m switching filters to ensure I get great lighting but making sure not to lose focus on that specific area and that’s when it happened!

Out of nowhere, a strong guest of wind can barreling down the side of the patio and something grazed my leg! I slowly changed the angle of my camera focus to a downward direction while scanning the view on my screen as it attempts to focus in on whatever is near me. As the camera begins to focus more clearly, I see it, and almost simultaneously with my panic kicking in, my big dog lets out a ferocious bark that broke the silence. I was now startled by the image on the screen of my camera and the loud bark so I jumped! I also let out a little scream “oh shit it’s a snake”

I stood there for what seemed like forever, trying to determine if I should try to get a picture or hurriedly get to the back door and get myself and the doggies inside to avoid any further happenings with our visitor!

Well, I made the decision to snap a picture then go. Well the picture was too blurry, thanks to my increased heart rate and nervous hands that were shaking, but turns out it wasn’t a snake. It was a small curved branch from a plant that had some dirt on it, had some textured spots from the weather and was just the perfect thickness to resemble a snake through the onscreen view of my camera. I scared the shit out of myself for a plant and the dog barking.

Just another day here in paradise aka my 3 ring circus.

♥️ me
The Broken Inside of me

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