In the moments you felt alone
Struggling to find peace
I was there to help you see

Wrapping my love around your grief
Whispering, I believe
Wiping tears from your cheeks

Through clouded days
During the darkest nights
Giving you my everything

I was
I did
I have

Caring so much

But you couldn’t see
Perspective outside your needs
Compassion reciprocating
No such thing

Leaving me empty
Ignored completely

Today, I see

I would never be
You would never see

Renewal, my priority

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        1. Oh I hope your daughter is ok and recovering from the procedure! I know how stressful and heartbreaking it is to see our babies go through something like that, despite if they are 7 or 37, such a helpless feeling. Sending my thoughts and hugs xoxo

  1. Oh, I loved your piece of poetry “Renew.” Felt every piece of ache in it. Well done! You can find your link in my post too!

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