Fading in and out
Time unknown
Days blur into nights
Lost in you
Tortured silence
Your memory
Stealing my thoughts
Your face
Smile on your lips
The way you taste
Pressed into time
Unable to turn the page
Spilled across my story
Love still replays


17 thoughts on “Replaying

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          1. Thank you I’m doing ok I feel much brighter since I spoke to you I’m not kidding you have a wonderful effect on me thank you for that beautiful heart.❤️
            I hope you’re doing ok I think about you a lot.❤️

          2. Oh how incredibly sweet of you ♥️🤗 I’m glad you are doing ok and if I had something to do with making your day brighter, then I am grateful. You are such a complete sweetheart xoxo

          3. Hi Taylor yes you definitely did thank you for that you made it so much brighter and I’m very grateful for you I hope you have a beautiful day and I think you are a real sweetheart too.❤️🤗xoxo

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