I was nominated by Jay of Jay Blogs for The Sunshine Blogger Award ♥ I am truly grateful that he thought of me for this award!  Please go check out his site, for some amazing writing, truly a sweet soul too.

Rules of Sunshine Blogging Award :-

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive this award.

4.Write 11 new questions for the nominated bloggers.

5. Notify the nominees about the nomination by commenting on one of their posts.

6. List the rules and display them on your post.

Here are the questions, Jay asked to me.

1. How did you start blogging ?

  • Well there wasn’t really a plan, I have always enjoyed writing so I started my wp site to ease into sharing some of those writings and it kind of just took of from there.

2. Any advice/suggestion for new bloggers?

  • You are not going to get rich
  • Don’t give up
  • Keep writing
  • Read other blogs content, don’t just hit the like button and move on

3. What is your favorite food?

  • My favorite food is mexican food, like all day, everyday would be great and margaritas to wash it down would be cool too

4. Mountains or Ocean, which will you prefer for holiday destination?

  • The ocean has my heart

5. Are you practicing any form or meditation exercise?

  • I practice yoga and mindfulness daily

6. Song that you often sing?

  • Well I made up a song for my dogs, so that is probably the most frequent song I sing LOL I love to sing, but kinda suck at it but I do it anyways

7. Do you use plastics?

  • I do occasionally when needed

8. Love at first sight, do you believe this?

  • I believe love is possible at first sight but there are many check marks needed for it to happen

9. Do you have any pets? If yes, then what is his/her name?

  • I have 2 dogs
  • A Doberman named Sasha aka Sasha Bear
  • A German shepard/American bulldog mix named Abby aka Abbadoodle

10. If you get an opportunity to be any of the Avengers, who will you be?

  • Ummm which ever one that has cool power and doesn’t die hahaha

11. An issue in today’s world that you would like to change/end?

  • There are so many but I actually have a personal charity project I run, “Something of Their Own, Blessing Bags for Kids in Foster Care” Children in the foster care system typically arrive from horrible places with nothing but broken hearts, scars and the clothes on their backs, so I purchase backpacks and fill them with seasonal items (holidays,back to school, summer) as well as journals, pens, markers, coloring books, snacks, blanket, personal items and fun stuff. This ensures these children have a bag, something of their own and a way to write as they are shuffled through the system, foster homes and/or adopted.
  • Since I went through this myself as a child, I know the impact that something so small can have on a forgotten child.

Nomination –

I am nominating :







Thank you again Jay, for the nomination!

Please answer the questions provided by Jay to me in your responses.

Congratulations, wish I had more time to do this completely but just know I appreciate each of your writings for so many reasons xoxo

Hey folks, Yesterday I was nominated by Susi Bocks of I Write Her for Sunshine blogging award, Sushi is an amazing blogger and writer, I personally like her Haiku / Senryu poems a lot, I thank her for nominating me for the Sunshine blogger award. Check Susi’s blog here. Rules of Sunshine Blogging Award :- […]

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  1. Congratulations my friend.

    Loved your answers. Especially the part about your charity work.

    Really respect that in you.

    You most definitely deserve this award.

    Keep doing you and have the best day ever! ✌️❤️

    (P.s. please please post me a pic of the German shepherd American bulldog cross…like pllllz!!)

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