The Real Neat Blog Award

I have been selected as a recipient of, The Real Neat Blog Award! I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful ♥

Thank you so very much to The Mush From The Hill for nominating me. Please do go check out his blog for divine poetry and prose. You will not be disappointed, promise!

Ok, let’s get to it

The Rules

  1. Display the Award Logo – CHECK
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog – CHECK
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you – See Below CHECK
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers – See Below CHECK
  5. Ask them seven questions – See Below CHECK

Questions for Answering 

This or That?

  1. Star Wars or Star Trek  –  Star Wars
  2. Savoury or Sweet  –  SWEET, I love sweets
  3. Good Movie or Good Book  –   Good book
  4. Netflix or Amazon  –  Amazon
  5. Pen and paper or gadget  –  Both, depending on location
  6. Moon Landing Real or Fake  –  Real
  7. Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit  –  Bugs

My Nominee’s
Don’t stress if you don’t want to join in, I completely understand but this is me wanting to recognise your work.


My Questions
I will continue the “This or That” theme

  1. Ice cream or Yogurt
  2. Desktop or Laptop For Writing
  3. Rock or Country Music
  4. Sunrise or Sunset
  5. Traditional or Self Published
  6. Halloween or Easter
  7. All Inclusive Cruise or Fly to destination vacay

And that’s it I’m done. For those who decide to join in I hope you enjoy. For those who don’t, I hope your blog hits just keep going up.

I appreciate each of you, your writing and sites!


Taylor Grace


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