It’s Me

A desperate yearning
Emotions run deep
Soulful intensity
Reminiscent of the greatest love stories

Complete serenity
Love and empathy
Truth and sincerity
Judgment free
Words led by compassion
Actions reflecting honesty

Am I searching for something that doesn’t exist?

Am I even capable of recognizing it?

Void of ability
The truth
It’s probably me

Embracing numbness
Forcing it away
Too fearful of rejection
Expecting you to leave
Bracing for it
Ruining this
Keeping you close
Not letting you in completely
Hypocrisy speaking

5 thoughts on “It’s Me

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  1. Its always difficult to let someone in. And more so if its someone you care about and dont want to loose. There will always be an element of risk. If there was no risk… would it mean as much? Love.. real love.. is terrifying. Not that it isn’t wonderful but because we fear to loose that wonderful feeling. But at some point we have to decide… do we want it all without the fear? Do we want it bad enough to be vulnerable? And if we want it but dont have the ability to be that open… are there other options? I can tell you for shure that their are.. you just have to find someone understanding enough to want to find them together.

  2. It is so hard to allow oneself to be vulnerable and let some one in. Yet to never know, to live in regret is not how one should be. Always the eternal struggle, which side of the fence to land.

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