You are hurting
Let me comfort you
Difficult to do
I am the source of what’s hurting you

Under my spell
Seeping into every part of you
Yearning to hold me
Have me to yourself

Those sharp edges slicing you deep
The best
The worst
My love
Killing you silently

Robbing you of sleep
Overwhelming anxiety
Mind playing tricks on you

Pushing you away
Pulling you back in
Selfish needs

Your drug
The further you fall
Flirting with insanity

It’s not your fault
You couldn’t have known
Seductive quality
Dancing with my demons
They put on quite a show

You deserve better
Life in shambles
All because of me
I want so badly to keep you
I won’t though
I set you free

Pain carving into your chest
Paying the price
Loving me
A curse for eternity

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  1. Your work flows so effortlessly. This is definitely your little niche in the world. I’m nominating you for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.” I know they take a lot of time to post, but I hope you’ll participate. If you can’t, maybe you can just post the answers to my questions. I would love to read them. Happy blogging. πŸ™‚

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