Saying Goodbye

And there it was
Spoken outloud
The words cutting deep
We knew it was lingering
Something about the finality
Overwhelming thoughts
Impending disaster
Splitting assets
Selling everything
Mutually agreed
There is no coming back
No redo
Options exhausted
It’s real
It’s happening
Ending of our dreams
Saying goodbye to you and me


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  1. Divorce is one thing I really dislike I beg you to place prayer on the fore-front even for me I might be stepping in such direction. I don’t know if I can even say beautifully written just the thought alone is painful.

          1. Ive been advised how cruel my comments have been on your site despite’s that not being my intent nor was I aware how fresh your divorce is, so I will refrain any further commenting. Be well.

      1. I’m so sorry , that you are going through a heartbreak. I know no words I can say will help, but don’t ever allow yourself to feel totally alone, there are people that care about you and love you very much.
        Allow yourself to mourn, to cry, scream, then breathe and step forward in full stride into the future.
        You are a smart woman and a survivor.

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