What If

What if I told you

This ache
Deep in my soul
Words can’t convey

Tears in my eyes
Longing for your touch
Needing you so much
To share this night

If only

Just a moment

I would give my last breath

To view love reflecting in your eyes
To melt into your caress
Feeling the passion in your embrace
I would sacrifice everything
To stand before you
To see the smile on your face

My love

Soothe my pain
Quench this heartache
You are a part of me
Needing you so deeply

Tangled emotions
Want shadowed by need
Explained by greed
Raw beauty

Calling to me


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    1. I find it amazing how being at the beach speaks so deeply to my soul while offering such serenity. I walked alone last night lost in the beauty of the sunset, the ocean serenading my heart and providing the words to write. Thank you for reading and feeling it ♥️

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