Pieces of Me

Never the priority
Despite offering him all of me
Running in circles
Laughing & Loving
Running & Crying
All at the same time

Unrealistic expectations
I understand & could agree
It’s just not that simple
At least when I say it to the inner me

My heart is hurting
What have I done
Why didn’t I realize beforehand
It’s too late now
I’ve given away more pieces
The pieces of me
Still not enough
Guess I never will be

All I’ve ever wanted
Right beyond my reach
Why does it always seem too difficult
Why can’t someone completely love & want all the pieces that are me

Pieces of Me

❤ Me

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      1. That’s exactly it. It’s a major act of self-love which comes partly through finding a way to express yourself and to make some positive impact. And ‘finding your tribe’. I am thinking that you could combine these into a book, and use it as a way to raise even more awareness about the kinds of difficulties you’ve had. You certainly seem to be adept and prolific enough!

  1. I relate well to this and I’m quite certain your mistaken, believing someone does or will. Keep the faith in love and in yourself. Besides, everyone knows, everyone is broken in some way, shape or form. Being found- is in acceptance. imho…

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