Hours come and go

Days blur into nights

The silence is torture

Lost in my mind

Fading in and out

Your memory

Stealing my present

I gave you everything

You stole pieces of me

Never to regain

Here comes the sun

Longing for better days

Covered in harsh rays

Closing my eyes

I still see your face

Smile on your lips

The way you taste

Pressed into time

Unable to turn the page

Casting shadows

Spilled across my story

Love still replays




via Daily Writing Prompt: Here Comes the Sun – Nicole Dennis-Benn

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  1. Well done, Taylor! You’ve captured the back and forth of emotional upheavals in our most precious relationships. Healing is the most important element so it doesn’t feel like we’re always just ricocheting.

  2. As you and I know all too well Taylor,

    Some wounds never close always will remain open only the salt soaks deeper entrenching into the open flesh as reminder no matter how much you overcome you never left unscathed.

    beo i gcónaí le ciontú i do chroí


      1. Last night was real fucked up it rattled me I feel asleep from being so exhausted at some point.

        When I came to I woke up in violent eruption and had massive nose bleed from my body going into intense shock.

        I had no mobility and felt helpless it was really really bad last night episodes.

        How are you Taylor
        Hope all is well with you

        So endured and brace myself to constantly prepare to wager war from the constant Roller Coaster Affect.

        Luas dia I do thuras


          1. So far yes because I took power nap yesterday and was thankful. No matter what I do or how calm I am there is no escaping from the clutches of this unforgiving fucking ride.

          2. I so glad to hear you are having a better night. The darkness preys on the weak moments, like when we are exhausted from running, unfortunately.

          3. For me the darkness has been solace for me for so long I don’t fear it I embrace it.

            When I was completely alone lashing out in silent terror for so many fucked yrs. It was there to comfort me with open arms.

          4. And thanks I hope I do to

            It’s not easy having such eradic sleep patterns, also to since I have been taking CBD things maybe improved a little but not where I need to be.

            Nightmares are getting worst and more fucked up and surreal.

            I resent and despise sleeping as such.

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