Miss You

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The words left unspoken
Would it matter
Absence of a kiss
Would it be missed
Early morning embrace
What if it never took place
Holding your hand
Would it be longed for
If we, were never us
Would your heart understand
I miss you
I miss the you, before life got in the way
I miss the us, that lived for the moment
I miss the way you gazed at me
Such love, compassion, and intensity
Gone are the moments
Love is history
I just wanted to know
Would you miss me


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  1. Absence can be both peaceful and painful. Memory is often both ally and enemy. It reminds us of the good and gives us hope that it may come again when it is gone. And it at the same time reminds us of the pain of loss, giving us fear and doubts. Well written. You captured that feeling in your verse.

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