As I lay here
On steady ground
I feel it beginning
There is no escaping

I turn to my stomach
As if to hold on tighter
And brace harder for the impact
Every muscle in my body tensing
My heart pounding against the ground
The silence is deafening
As the sunshine takes my sight

I keep pushing
Its not helping
I can feel it coming
I close my eyes

Still edging closer
As the thoughts race to the surface
Vivid scenes quickly flash through my mind

I can’t stop it
Not this time
Extremely uncomfortable
Both body & mind
It has a way of resurfacing at the wrong time
As if it can sense my vulnerability

I should know this
As soon as I stop running
It arrives
Running from the horror
Desperately seeking me Chasing me
Just waiting
In my tortured little mind


17 thoughts on “Anxiety

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  1. Great piece you’ve written and it describes it perfectly! As a man who deals with anxiety I am sometimes labelled as weak and I’m told to man up… I recently started my own blog to let other dudes know that it’s ok to open up about it! Sending you love and I wish you all the best

  2. You captured it, that same feeling that I have experienced throughout my lifetime. The good news is that this person inside us can also be our best friend. There is nothing to fear, no blame, no shame. It is our inner self just wanted to be loved and accepted by the only one that really matters – me.. Beautiful poetry. I would like permission to use it in some presentations I have planned on mental wellness. It is yours I would never try to steal it from you, just quote it and praise it.

  3. I understand the mind numbing trauma that can be inflicted by such. I will not say “sorry to hear that” or any such tripe that i am shure you are sick of hearing. I will just say I am here, and I will listen. Even if it is just to the screams.

  4. We all have our demons. I keep mine in a cage but it’s still there. Looking for weakness. I sacrificed a lot to build that cage. It can be an agonizing choice, to be tormented.. or to lose a piece of what makes you yourself. In night let yourself be wrapped in the comforting blanket of stars and shadow. Breathe the cool air and let it clear your thoughts. Let them drift away… like clouds on a moonless night.

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