I Choose Me


You promised me so many things

Tired of forcing this

Constantly struggling

You made me believe

I should have known

I was never enough

I will never live up to your expectations of who I should be

If you could look back

Reflect on the silence

All the times I was at my weakest

I took a chance

I finally spoke

And you used it against me

No longer the person I use to be

Once Strong, now weak

I am nothing and everything to you

All I ever wanted was to just be me

Tired of drowning in this misery

Pretending we are happy

It’s time

I choose me





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  1. Always fight for what matters to find your conviction Taylor, many say that they wish to be born again or new me logically not possible. As energy transcends from its previous form to become strong source of raw power, so should us always to better then you were yesterday.

    I know easier said than done but since when are the things your hold closest to you ever are given when it something you need to execute your conviction and earn it.

    Question is many say they are hungry and want to feast at the table but there not willing to


    Always keep feeding your hunger

    Luas dia I do thuras


  2. Knowing that the one you’re with isn’t good for you is the first step, then, take actions to LEAVE comes next, and, once you’d left, everything will get better, because, you’d, left behind the heart he’d broken, and you now have, a brand new, stronger heart beating inside of you…

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