A day of heartbreak
Fueled by memories
Horror unfolding
Reflecting on what was
Before disruption of peace
Somber moments
New realities
Life lost
Senseless tragedy
I honor them all
My thoughts with their families
Today they cry alone
As their loved ones never came home.


13 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. bridgetdelali

    Very touching. It reminds of of some three girls who got kidnapped and it’s almost a year now. The public has give then police pressure but that’s all. The family continues to cry alone.

  2. sirhanz

    I remember this day vividly. Watching the television as the news broke.. seeing the second plane hit.. the thought… oh.. crap.. we are going to war. I have an uncle on my dads side that drove from Boston to NYC an hour after it hit to help search for survivors and assist with rescue. Vivid memories. Thank you for your words to honor the fallen.

  3. charlypriest

    Very touching poem, I was in NY believe it or not. Nicely written and good rememberence, since I want to not remember it but that shouldn´t be the best idea. Thank you really.

      1. charlypriest

        There where 13 students I´m guessing that their father or mother died, but they most where from NY in my highschool, so go figure the number of others that where impacted, crazy things, and thank goodness two of my Friends did avenge to say something, they did join the US Marines, Infantry. So yes, I do remeber now very Good, I even forgot it was that date….my birthday is on the 16 of this month and my parents had to call me to remember it….try to forget but eventually you cant

  4. Evolution of Self

    So many innocence were lost from the callous of gutless cowards and administration that knew there was imminent threat with loaded consequences failed to act and did fuck all to stop it.

    “The only thing vital for evil to triumph is good men know about it to do nothing”

    Edmund Burke ANC

    gcónaí i gcónaí ar chiontú



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