Definition of Insanity?

Things I am

Things I am not

The girl who has it all
The girl who wants to achieve her dreams
The girl that lets nothing and everything stop her simultaneously

A continuous cycle of the both sides of the same damn things

Launching me forward
Dragging me back





Setting priorities
Cancelling everything

Self doubt fueled by anxiety

I can’t see what they see
The good parts
The beauty
Those words don’t exist to me

The truth of my reality


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    1. Thank you ♥️

      Well, I am obsessed with knowledge and learning, so I have many different associates degrees that range from business to nursing.

      My Bachelor’s of science is in Human Resource, Business Management.

      My Master’s degree is ongoing, I needed to take a break for a while, but it too is in HR, Business management.

      I would have loved to go to medical school, I am fascinated by anatomy & physiology and how the body works as well as the brain.

      Almost went to law school to be an attorney a few years ago but decided I didn’t want my days to be spent around volatile people and corporate prosecution is boring.

      I honestly want to learn everything, I’m fascinated by how things are put together and how they function. Maybe I’m just insane, who knows lol

      1. Not insane, unless I am too. I’ve had a live affair with learning that’s almost as intense as yours (but at the same time cannot compare). I’ll skip all the O Levels and A Levels and other courses but I did afirst degree in Computing with Psychological Studies because I love tech and the way it interfaces with the mind (that’s actually what the novel I’m writing at the moment is about) and I have a post graduate diploma in marketing which should prove useful when I finally get around to publishing my novels and I’m almost finished with a MA in Creative Writing. Not sure what I’m going to do next (apart from write) but I’m attracted to songwriting and music production, so something along those lines would be cool.
        Thanks for sharing.

        1. The thirst for knowledge, enthralling and relentless indeed. Glad to know I am not alone in my insanity lol Good for you on continuing to accomplish your goals, reaching for your dreams and trying to make a few dollars along the way. I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you set your mind to and look forward to hearing of your completion of your novel.

          1. How very formal. And yet with a hint of elegance (not to mention eloquence) too. Have written novels? (You’re probably going to tell me now that you’re a world famous author along with your other accomplishments).
            I’ve not made any money from any if my endeavours yet. I’m not quitting the day job quite just yet. Where in the world are you?

          2. Well I’ll take that as a compliment (said in my big girl voice 😁).

            No, sorry to disappoint, I haven’t written any novels and no celebrity status looming lol I’m just someone who enjoys writing, it’s a passion for me, definitely not an income. Just sharing the words in my mind, that no one wants to hear me speak. I am a Texas girl

          3. Well I’m a Yorkshire Lad. It’s nice chatting with you, Texan Girl. 🙂
            You keep on sharing. You’re doing good.
            I went to Texas last year. Nice place but y’all need to install more pavements. 😉

          4. Nice to meet you as well, I really appreciate your encouragement and kindness!

            More pavements, no way, that’s part of the beauty of Texas, country roads, horse ranches, rivers, lakes, beaches, and all the lush greenery in between.

          5. I must have spent too much time in the residential areas outside the city then. It was just roads and roads and if you needed to cross the road to get to a shop (for example) on the other side you had to go by car. 🙁
            I actually wanted to see the part of Texas you’re talking about. Next time. 🙂

  1. It’s never easy, finding that balance, between too much of something, and not enough of it, and that’s, what we’re all, working on in our separate lives, to find that balance, as life is, a hard to manage, balancing act in itself.

  2. This poem speaks to me so much, because I’m constantly in a battle with myself. I think with my social anxiety and being picked on so badly growing up, it all has made it difficult for me to see my strengths the way others do. Even though I know my good points, I’m constantly questioning them. It can be frustrating. Really love this poem!

  3. Well written.
    Beset to being our own worse critics- ahh such is an artist lifelong dilemma. Truth be told, its really not a perception issue despite the preferred rationalization it is but rather a trusting issue in those who have yet to earn our trust. imho.

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