Goddess of Prey

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Not quite

She is a wolf
In a corset
Thigh high fishnets
Draped in dominance
Lust floating on air
Craving you
A sweet seductive fantasy

Her ruby red lips glistening against the candle light’s glow
A goddess searching to be tamed
Sexy presence
Luring him in
Her k9 teeth impatiently waiting to devour
Mouth yearning to taste your flesh
Come hither love, she commands
You step into her fantasy
Smeared lipstick across your erection
As she takes you
Fingers caressing
Pulling you deeper
Feeding pleasure’s need
The softness of her tongue Seductively wrapping around you
Slowly delving
Igniting primal ecstasy
Your loins
The excitement
Her motions
Like honey
Delicious intimacy

Slowly pawing at you
Crawling up your body
Trail of kisses
Marking her territory
She straddles you
Taking you inside
Sensual pulses
Desire’s feast

Your body pleads for release
Edging closer
Watching her
Beauty in motion
A sexy mystery

Eyes piercing every part of you
The Rise
The fall
Nails dragged down your chest
Surrendering to the need
Intensity climbing
Reaching the exquisite peak
Orgasm’s erotic release

Staring down at you
Slick beneath
Her thighs shaking
You are caught in her trap

A wolf
Her prey
Carnal pleasure
Sexually uninhibited
Hedonist greed

Her devious smile
Eyes alive
Biting her lip
You are hers
The lone wolf no more
She whispers, “Again”
She wants more



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  1. As a female slave, I’m on the other side of this, but oh my god! This is so incredibly erotic…. I want you to know, Taylor, that I don’t comment so often, I’m sorry, but I read everything you write. You’re so good.

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