The Versatile Blogger Award

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the truly amazing Catherine at

Thank You So Much Catherine, I am truly in awe of you and your kindness. Catherine shares through her writing the impact of childhood trauma, encouragement, and compassion. She is a light to so many. You should definitely go visit her site, say hi and join the wonderful space she has created

The Versatile Blogger Award is an Award given to Bloggers from other Bloggers to spread encouraging engagement & too recognize Blogs with unique content.

Seven Facts About Me…

♥ I am a speed reader

♥ I am a tomboy

♥ I practice yoga and meditation

♥ I am vegetarian

♥ The ocean is my favorite place to be

♥ I love to research and learn new things everyday

♥ I am fearless in nature (walked out into the water yesterday to get super close to an alligator to get a picture)

My Nominees are Bloggers who continue to shine a bright light in the Blogging & Writing world. Take a click over to their websites & give them all some love!
















Please don’t feel obligated to respond. This award is given in a fun & supporting manner ⚘ Now stand up & applaud yourselves… You Deserve It 💕

Congratulations to all you Wonderfully Talented Writers





19 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Evolution of Self

    Congratulations Taylor

    But as you know as I do its much more then just about acceptance or accolades from others…

    Its goes deeper then likes or follows

    It becomes apart of your testament and ignites your execution into conviction because its lies and breathes deep within your core.

    Writing for me has further ascend my level of understanding to enduring the Storm and how much it constantly tries to shred you into nothing but it also forces you to embrace its sadistic nature to find your will to live and never proclaim to be enslaved by submission.

    Luas Dia i do thuras



      1. Evolution of Self

        Your Welcome Taylor

        How are you doing ?

        Is the Roller Coaster showing mercy or being unforgiving, for me it has been taking me on one violent intense ride tormenting me into agonizing another level.

        That mother fucker can keep coming and gunnin for me I will never bow down.

        Rise Above

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