Standing in my strength
Never wavering
I won’t back down
It’s my truth
Your version is distorted
Severely tainted with lies
Rewritten to suit your narrative
Full of greed
Never accepting responsibility
Self righteous
Indignity undefined
Desecration of mind
Words crucified
I would expect nothing less
From you

Today’s prompt: Write anything around the theme or words: Crucified

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  1. Sara Hoffman

    Again, your words speak to my broken heart. Narcissism is, at its roots, a spiritual lack, or the Jezebel spirit. Despite the abuse I took from my sister (almost landed me in a psych ward) and mother in law, people I thought to be friends-I still pray every day for her-at times I wrestle with just calling her and resuming the abuse, and your writing helps me to know that will NEVER be a choice. Blessings love.

    1. Taylor Grace

      Oh my, it’s amazing to me that power of my words carry such strength and weight. Your kindness is overwhelming, I appreciate you so much! Thank you ♥️ stay strong love, sending prayers and positive Vibes xoxo

  2. Evolution of Self

    The feeling of being entrenched deeper and deeper into quicksand
    Thoughts the more you condemn yourself, crucified into a shattered reflection of dismay
    What once was there remains broken and scared
    The war you have been torn apart by reigns of Brimstone
    Trying to crucify you into submission of fear

    The choice to bow down and be crucified into persecution or RISE ABOVE!

    I know where I stand the question is…Do You?

    Flow like thee element which gives Life…WATER


      1. Evolution of Self

        Thank You Taylor

        Sometimes I just start writing and watch as things unfold and mold into shape.

        As the Quill is to the hand the mind is to the your life force of continous infused energy.


        1. Taylor Grace

          I completely understand that, I do the same and when I go back and read it I am surprised at what comes out. It takes on a life of its own, I am simply the instrument capturing the words to share. Writing is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

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