She wandered around the lake
So much beauty
Inhaling the renewed sense of clarity
Exhaling the dusty memories
The peace she felt was simple yet so serene
Wishing she was flying with the birds soaring above her uniformly
Fish swimming so peacefully
She longed for the connection that must bring
An alligator hidden in plain sight
A realization of predators each night
She still saw the magically creation as beautiful
The moments
The flights
The dips
The battles
They are all apart of her story
She is grounded by each
The broken pieces
Mending insanity



3TC Today’s prompt: Alligator, Dust, and uniform

Three Things Challenge 163

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  1. An awesome description of time spent by a body of water i.e. a lake I wanted to reblog it but you have disabled it. Is that by mistake or some blog theme issue?

          1. Yes but it does not show the REBLOG button. There is a difference between sharing and reblogging posts on WordPress. Via sharing, you share only the link, while via reblogging, you share the entire post on someone else’s blog. Hope you can fix that. If not, tell me are you self-hosted or free hosted on WordPress?

          2. Nope. There is only “Like” button on your blog, no usual “Reblog” button like the one you see on my blog.

          3. I think I already offered you my help for free since your are a fellow blogger just like myself. I am professional wordpress developer since long.

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