Covering me
Warm heat
Sweat drips
We tease
Cold water
Washes over me
Floating love
Sunshine fantasies
Tanned skin
Covers the bruise
Sweet request
Love from you
Not the same
I crave them both
Matching inside
Demons never tamed
Disaster brewing
Across the skin
May I have another
Tastes like sin
Bleed for me
Covered in love
Wings of a dove
Stricken bare flesh
The power
The need
Absolute mess
Dominant plead
Yes Goddess
Another for me


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  1. Amazing speaks to defining your true Testament of the Raw You

    Keep feeding your hunger

    Each of us has element that binds to our core some can involve and change over time. I use to be intense and fierce like essence of Pele.

    Now as my awakening ascended to higher level of intellect I evolved into water.

    Water is very calm and soothing which gives or it can be the voracious mass of destruction mankind ever seen.

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