Passing glance
Brush of hands
Heart stopping
Saturated visually
Baited breath
Second glance
Instant chemistry
My chance
Or my mind playing tricks on me


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  1. Ok I take a deep breath before I begin this comment. (kidding) I found a long time ago that after I was out of school there were many that had wished I asked them out and as I entered adulthood I found a couple that had said the same thing. There was 1 that was very beautiful and in school she was more popular than I was and it never crossed my mind that she would have gone out had I asked, but as an adult she said YES she always wanted me to ask her out.

    Bottom line, I then decided that no matter what it was in life a job, date, or whatever I was NEVER again going to doubt myself or what I could do.

    You will NEVER KNOW unless you try.

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