A Dream

A Dream

Appearing in my dreams
Is it fate
Or destiny

You brush the hair away from my face
Hold me tightly
In a seductive embrace
The connection between us is like fire

Full of passion, as I look in your eyes
So gentle and sexy at the same time
Lost in the moment
Your skin on mine
Pleasure consuming
Our first time
Our bodies rhythmically moving together perfectly
Raw desire
Your smell
Your amazement
Our want and sexual need

Gripping my body tight
Your chest pressed against mine
I want to feel this moment all the time
No words spoken just primal sounds of pleasure between me and you

As you lean in closer, I arch my back
I feel it coming
You kiss me deeply
Don’t close your eyes
Watching the pleasure in your face
I come undone
Finding an exquisite release
You and I
This moment
A dream



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