Our Texas Lullaby

Our Texas Lullaby

Cicadas serenading
Sunset fading
Wind brushing against skin
Thoughts circling
Laughter ringing
Heart full of gratitude
Bbq smoke floating on air
Water hose splashing
Music playing
Moon rising
Hand holding
Summer kisses
Puppy tails wagging
Memories in the making
Stars dance across the sky
Me and you
Our Texas Lullaby



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      1. Good never let anyone or anything say your not good enough.

        Reach for the Stars always

        Me on the hand this week has been very surreal and intense velocity of a fucked up ride the Roller Coaster has wagering on me.

        In 3 days I gotten 8 hrs of undisturbed lay to rest.

          1. No matter how much I wagering aginst the storm trying to swallow me into a never was. I will always continue to strive to help others find their conviction.

            As the Alpha does but for those mistake kindness for weakness very grave decision.

            I will show them why I am the Crocodile!

            African Proverb: Just because the water remains calm and quite doesn’t mean there is no Crocodiles lurking.

            Luas dia I do thuras

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