Years Go Bye

Another year
Another number
More memories
More adventures
Added value
Added perspective

Another lesson
Another loss
Less hate
Less pain

I’ve laughed hard
I’ve cried
I’ve questioned everything
I’ve wondered why
I’ve searched for peace
I’ve found clarity
I’ve given of myself
I’ve held the hand of someone that died
I’ve comforted a friend
I’ve listened
I’ve hurt
I’ve changed
I’ve grown
I’ve gained
I’ve been enough
I’ve felt
I’ve loved hard
I’ve let go of hate
I’ve tried my best
I’ve felt insane
I’ve found my path
I’ve lived for me
I’ve given my all
I’ve been loved eternally

So I say, happy birthday to me, thank you for the time, thank you for your part, if you don’t know it yet, I love you with all my heart

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