[wpvideo hXadM3PC]Her eyes
Gravity pulls you in
Don’t resist
She always wins

Sultry presence
Igniting a blaze

The curves of her body
Caressing your mind
Sparks flying
If only, in another time

Her bosom
Amplifying from her chest
Just enough
She caught you peeking
Entertaining your gaze she leans forward
A sexy little tease
If only you could kiss those breast

Intoxicating temptress
No need to cast any spells
She knows what she’s doing and does it so very well
Merely a vision or right out of your fantasies

Her tone, speaks sexuality
“Come hither”, she whispers
Before you even realize
You have followed her command
She possesses an unknown energy
You are completely lost in her trance

Leading you to her chamber
She will take you
She will please you
She will use you
She will steal your last breath
She will leave marks on your body of pleasure and pain
Just as you are coming undone
She will leave you
With nothing but a gaping hole in your chest
And she is gone
As you lay there struggling to find your breath
You will die with her image and still wanting her more


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  1. It honestly makes me sad because I think it portrays a false sense of the real you. Using your sexual power to lure someone in only to destroy/kill them, at least psychically. Of course I’m coming at all this from a Christian world view where sex only belongs within marriage & is a great gift from God for spouses to each other. I guess I lean more to the desire side of the equation, not lust…no judgement here just sharing a different perspective…

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