#writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt Destination, SueVincentDailyEcho

Photo credit, Sue Vincent, #writephoto

Standing in the pain
Lost direction
Continue ahead for more of the same
Turn and walk away
I remain lost with no direction
I inch along the path seeking clarity

My existence
The choices before me
The path ahead
All practically the same

Lost in thought
The weather mimics my emotions
Rain drops fall
The tears follow
Each serving a purpose
Repairing, healing and growing
Washing the slate clean

Detour ahead for the heart, body and soul

A word used often
Doesn’t always play out as it is defined to mean
Interpreting it has a way of meaning two different things


#SueVincentDailyEcho https://scvincent.com/2019/08/01/thursday-photo-prompt-destination-writephoto/

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  1. Picture reminds me vaguely of scripture “thy word is a lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path”. I imagine that God only ever lights our path enough to see just a step or two at a time…so life’s journey is an exercise in trust & faith–literally walking by faith & not by sight. That is way easier to say than to do.

    I love your melancholy take on that ambiguous photo & can practically feel the fog closing in & dripping on me…

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