Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Forgotten but they remain
Wild horses
Hiding in the shadows
Seeking an opportunity to stay
Beautiful creatures roaming
Remain hidden
Dodging extinction
Replaced by a different breed
Untamed and Free
Wildly instinctive
Poetically beautiful
Passionately trudging ahead
Steady in their strengths
Looking for acceptance
Searching in the shadows for a light that is not there
Majestic creatures
Nomadic existence
Them and me
We are the same thing


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  1. Well said. Have you seen Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring movie? There is a scene where the Elf Princess Arwen (played by Liv Tyler) faces off against the Ring Wraiths who have come to take the Hobbit Frodo (played by Elijah Wood). She crosses the river into her Father’s land & summons the river to wash the Wraiths & their demonic horses away. The enchanted river appears to be wild horses of truth & justice sweeping away the demons in the crashing waves. Your poem made me think of this…

      1. Here are (hopefully) a couple of images to give you a flavor of that scene…

        Hopefully this video link will post…it shows the chase leading up to the river & the water horses washing away the “demons”. The ring wraith says “give up the halfling she-elf” before Arwen speaks…


        Blessings & enjoy!

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