As I sit here alone, the upstairs window slightly opened, as the rain has temporarily subsided and the silence that I often seek and find comfort in, is almost unbearable as the horror of the last 30 hours consumes me. There are no calls, no texts, no helicopters circling around, no sounds of rushing water below me echoing with the most terrifying sound, no visuals before me of the frightened parents faces and neighbors sitting out of their second story windows because they don’t want to drown, there are no white bed sheets hanging to mark their presence or towels whipping back & fourth in shear desperation on the front porches around me so that they too would soon be found. The saddness, the fear, the heartbreak, the worry, and the blank stares of facing this disaster was undoubtly showing, and is a memory that I will forever carry around. An experience I never wanted but for whatever reason Hurricane Harvey has continued to disrupt, and dance around Texas, just look for the path of greatest destruction and that’s were I’ll be found.

A parade of makeshift rafts, canoes, even whole beds adorned with blow up floats, pool noodles or whatever they had laying around, something…..anything in their quiet desperation that would aid them in getting out safely to help ensure they would be floating and eventually found.

The news is no longer on blaring and enhanced with continual tornado warnings to take cover but instead now I only hear the sound of frogs loudly calling, maybe they too have been forced from their safe place or sanctuary and are looking for their families who are no where to be found.

Maybe these thoughts, questions and surreal memories are too fresh for me to process, since it’s far from being over, as I am still seeking higher ground.




Anger Displayed Poetically

Hard bites
Jaw clinched
Arms crossed
Rigid posture
Heaviness looming
Pasted on smile
Her body
Her eyes
They tell the story she isn’t speaking
Air is filled with tension
He is oblivious
That’s how you know
Not a perfect match
How do I see
A stranger
Reading her body
Her silence
Her movements
She must be mad
She is a beautiful disaster brewing
Waiting to explode
I’m intrigued
Anger displayed poetically

♥️ me

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: she must be mad


Chasing Dreams

All pulling me in
Closer I edge
Dangling on emotions
Suspended in time
Ready to fall
Will you applaud my arrival
Catching me
Easing into eternity
Like the flow of water
Complete harmony
Rise and fall
Love saturated completely
Ebb and flow
Complete unity
The horizon beckons me
Sunset fantasies
Cool salty breeze
Could this is be
My reality
Or am I just living in a dream


Because of You

Since you didn’t ask, I’ll share anyways

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I appreciate every single one of you. The connections, the conversations, the likes, your words, your writing, your personalities, your perspective, your photos, I love and appreciate it all!

This is truly a place I feel my most vulnerable and celebrated at the same time. I am so grateful ♥️ it’s because of you, your struggle, your truths, your stories, your jokes, your encouraging words and everything Inbetween!

I’m here, I see it, I feel it, I appreciate it and I offer my deepest gratitude ♥️

Word can not convey the emotions felt daily as I read your words and communicate with you.

You inspire me daily
You provoke thought
You provide answers
You validate my truth
You accept me as I am
An amazing community

I just thought you should know, I see and I am eternally grateful ♥️


Loved Eternally

Introduction by chance
Love by fate
Life testing us
Battles undone
Together we are stronger
Unity of one
Here for the good times
Committed wholeheartedly
Holding your hand
I’ll be strong when you can’t be
Embracing now
Looking towards forever
With you
Our love story
Our dream
Wrapped in beauty
Your love
Your trust
Your honesty
Every part of you
Means everything to me

Inspired by a new love story shared with me today, dedicated to Eric and Rachel on finding their path to each other, standing strong in their faith as cancer tests them and living their happily ever after xoxo


August Writing Prompt #4 — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

Post your response in the comments below/provide a link to the original piece. The top three will be shared on Sunday.

via August Writing Prompt #4 — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

Her eyes no longer brimmed with tears, but hope filled her vision
Hope for better days
Hope for words spoken
She had been silent for far too long
It was time
Time to embrace the rights and wrongs
Settle into herself
Find comfort in the peace
Celebrate the strength from the pain
It was her time too emerge
Leave the darkness behind
Feet planted firmly
Sunshine on her face
This was the moment
Lifetime of waiting
She finally realized
She was
She is
She always was
More than most
She found her place
Writing the words
Stepping boldly into a new day
A smile on her face


Lost In A Dream

Surrounded by a million people
She is alone in the beauty of the night
Walking pathways
Fascinated by every sight
The world stretched out before her
Playground of dreams
Getting lost in nature
Finding adventure
Embracing peace
The only thing missing
You standing next to me


Yes Please

A Goddess
Sharing fantasies
Mysterious charm
Body bared
Awakening your cravings
Alluring glare
Try not to stare
She is fixating on you
Blindly, you fall
Entangling you in her web
Don’t be scared
She speaks, “Come closer, let me feel you”
Rationale thoughts don’t care
Step into ecstasy
Breathe her need
If you dare


I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge

Crafting a journey
Words stitched into poetry
Written dreams released


IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge

I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #34

haiku challenge

The Versatile Blogger Award

blogger award.jpg

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the truly amazing Catherine at

Thank You So Much Catherine, I am truly in awe of you and your kindness. Catherine shares through her writing the impact of childhood trauma, encouragement, and compassion. She is a light to so many. You should definitely go visit her site, say hi and join the wonderful space she has created

The Versatile Blogger Award is an Award given to Bloggers from other Bloggers to spread encouraging engagement & too recognize Blogs with unique content.

Seven Facts About Me…

♥ I am a speed reader

♥ I am a tomboy

♥ I practice yoga and meditation

♥ I am vegetarian

♥ The ocean is my favorite place to be

♥ I love to research and learn new things everyday

♥ I am fearless in nature (walked out into the water yesterday to get super close to an alligator to get a picture)

My Nominees are Bloggers who continue to shine a bright light in the Blogging & Writing world. Take a click over to their websites & give them all some love!
















Please don’t feel obligated to respond. This award is given in a fun & supporting manner ⚘ Now stand up & applaud yourselves… You Deserve It 💕

Congratulations to all you Wonderfully Talented Writers





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