Sunsets and You

Somewhere high in the sky, I send my secret hopes and dreams
Do they live on forever, become my reality or stay lost as sunset secrets between the clouds and me

My whispers floating on the breeze

My secrets highlighted by the sunset’s lovely shades of purple, orange, pink and blues
I now see the magnitude
It really is such a visual beauty
Just one more of nature’s gift for us to view

Each day I look forward to only a few things
And you


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  1. I think your broken pieces together make a masterful mosaic in the hands of the Master Artisan–You are a breathtakingly beautiful Child of the King of Kings. Rejoice in your freedom & His peace that passes understanding. God Bless You!!!

      1. Thanks…sometimes it feels like I’m speaking into the wind that just blows the words away into near nothingness. You have been creating a very powerful piece of work overall on your blog & many of your posts are very moving to me, even if I don’t always say so…–daily-scripture-bible-verses.jpg

        hope that beautiful Bible verse shows for you…

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