Sunsets and You

Somewhere high in the sky, I send my secret hopes and dreams
Do they live on forever, become my reality or stay lost as sunset secrets between the clouds and me

My whispers floating on the breeze

Gently rising to the clouds passing by
Softly landing
Going for a ride
Maybe to be realized right before my eyes

Maybe lost in the moment
Perhaps just all a fantasy
Could it be or am I just enthralled by the sunset shining it’s light on me

Sometimes no words are spoken, as my mind drifts to thoughts of you
Dreaming of what could be
Secretly hoping someday you could love someone like me

My secrets highlighted by the sunset’s lovely shades of purple, orange, pink and blues
I now see the magnitude
It really is such a visual beauty
Just one more of nature’s gift for us to view

Each day I look forward to only a few things
And you