I don’t know how
I dont know why
All I know is, I want to keep going

Call it my curiosity
Say it’s the bad part of me

Tell me I’m wrong
It feels so right

Say I should move on
I won’t, but at least you will have tried

Say it’s not how you feel
Say the words to push me away
Neither of us believe it
Right or wrong
I cannot walk away

Too much love circling my brain
I won’t go on without you
Not even one more day

It’s not a game
My heart aches for you
A love that can’t be tamed
Wild and free
Crazy and insane
Can’t think about that right now
Just please tell me you feel the same

I need to know if you’re that missing piece
True love
Real connection
Lustful want
Dynamic need
Complete surrender
Embracing all of me

Just answer me please

Are you my forever
Are you my destiny
Are you my eternity
Are you mine
Are we together


9 thoughts on “Curiosity

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    1. Thank you for the compliment 😍 I view love and pain as two separate places in my soul, I share about without hesitation as it is all of me. One inspires a deep sense of passion and the other inspires reflection as I sort through the terror. I appreciate your comment and questions!

      1. I know you wear your heart on your sleeve. I could feel it in your writing. But well, i feel as if you do hide a lot within you. Don’t count yourself alone as you go through whatever you’ve been going through. I’m always here, beautiful, if you need anyone. And your tagline is rather sad. Maybe you should think of a romantic and spicy one just like you. Do look after yourself. I’ll be looking forward to read more of you. 🙂

          1. it’s nice, but i think it can get a lil better. you’re romantic and full of love. so maybe it could be, “taste the passion of my verses, where in the crevices of which lay hidden, a few secrets that oh I’d share with the one I’d love with my all”
            something like this would be nice. what do you think?
            But you should do what you feel like. It’s just a suggestion 🙂

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