Visions of Me

Look around
What do you see
Only a glimpse
No just fragments really
Your perspective adds to the illusion of who you think I should be
I am not your project

This is my life
I am just trying to be me
I am carefully treading through the judgement
But have you ever realized
You are completely missing the true depth that is me

The beauty I possess
The strength I bring
The loyalty I offer
The honesty in me
The passion ignited by me
The adventurous person I can be
The love that encompasses me
The patience I give freely

Each seeing something different
A mixture of the pieces Combined to reveal all of me
Tiny fragments revealed that I allow to be seen
There are a million different versions of me
Each person thinks of me differently
Too many expectations
I simply can’t be everything they each need me to be

It all comes down to a few things really
The real me
My Visions
The Distorted perceptions
Finding what truly ignites my soul
Letting my passion take a hold

Will the future present a more polished version of me
Nuture or nature
I guess we just have to wait and see

I will not allow their snapshot view to influence the greatness hiding amongst the broken pieces inside of me


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