My Future

Unlike anyone he had ever seen before
Who was this woman standing before him in a black suit and white button up shirt and his attention quickly settled on her black leather stilettos that had tightly drawn lacing that wrapped around her ankles

Her presence intrigued him
Her authoritative tone
Commanded his attention
He only wanted to please her
He didn’t even know her or her name
He didn’t even know how but
wanted too learn more

Beneath her tough facade was a broken little girl standing where a grown woman should
He could see the anguish in those dark brown eyes
They shimmered with hope despite her attempts to keep it concealed

Who hurt you, he thought to himself as he noticed the scars across her neck that she was desperately trying to hide

For a fleeting second, they stood silent searching deep in one another’s eyes
Unimaginably lost and surprising found

After a brief moment of complete silence, she caught herself suddenly and in an instant those protective walls went back into place
Her disposition shifted before his eyes
But he was still looking right in those big beautiful brown eyes
“What are you looking at!”, she barked
Without hesitation or skipping a beat, the words flowed from his mouth
“My future”, he proclaimed
Both shocked at the sound of the words spoken

They stood in silence
But they both already knew
Nothing would ever be the same

That was their moment
And they are still together and she now has his last name


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  1. When my husband & I were dating he once said “& suddenly you have captured me”, basically taking my breath away! When your soul finds the one your heart truly loves it is the most beautiful love on earth, next to God’s…Blessings…

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