Little Red Dress

Excitment filled her mind as
she danced around the kitchen
The sound of music echoing throughout the house
Her favorite playlist was set to repeat
She was preparing for a special night with her love

He had been gone on business for a month
So she anxiously awaited his return

It was a new love story in the blooming stages
Anticipation was high
Passion was full bodied

A sense of lust filled the air
And translates to her movements as she seductively sways her hips, almost in a erotic trance
She was visualizing how she hoped the night would go

The aroma of her lotion, lavender infused with sweet citrus and a touch of vanilla, was amplified by her body heat
It floated across the room, as if to invite him in closer immediately upon his arrival

Unbeknownst to her, he had slipped in quietly, remained still, caught in her dance and did not want to disturb the beauty in front of him
Watching intently
She had his full attention
Every move of her body grew his need

In his mind, a private show he shouldn’t see but that only grew his interest more

His eyes lost in her every move
His heart skipped a beat each time the back of her short red dress flipped up freely, displaying a sneak peek of the black lace panties hidden underneath

The dress was a thing of beauty, sweet but tempting at the same time. It fit her perfectly, accentuating her body like a piece of art, only on display for him. A gold zipper adorned the back, with each movement she made, it was highlighted when caught by the ambient light but the only thing he could visualize was slowly unzipping it while he traced down her back with kisses and eventually letting her dress hit the floor.

The seductive display was almost more than he could bare
He strategically placed the fresh picked bouquet of sunflowers in his hand a little lower to cover his arousal

He watched as her blonde curls gently bounced, almost to the beat of the song
He was completely lost in her
Completely captivated
Her beauty
Her body
Her dancing
Her spirit
Her scent
Her appeal
Completley amazed at the beauty unfolding before him
He was entirely lost in this moment and enjoying every minute of it

He could no longer stand idly by, he craved her too deeply
He was blinded by passion
She was still blissfully unaware
As he walks across the tile floor, determined to have her, she turned around
She smiled, letting a little giggle of embarrassment out
But she instantly knew that look of craving in his eyes, it was the same reflection she would see in her own eyes, looking from his perspective

He quickly sat the flowers down and proceeded to pick her up and place her on the kitchen counter
He brushed the curls out of her face

He smiled at her, as she grinned, while biting her lip something she did frequently and it aroused him further
He reached under her dress and began slowly lifting her while pulling those black panties down to her ankles and they were now laying on the floor
He began kissing her neck, which then lead to a passionate embrace

But now was the time to finally reach for the golden zipper, that had been stealing his attention previous as it too danced in the light

He excitedly, but slowly began unzipping the red dress with great anticipation of revealing the godess it covered

And that little red dress was now crumbled up joining those black lace panties on the floor

She too wanted him deeply
She gave him that look, then separated her legs
He moved closer
The passion unfolding
He took her right there
Lost in the moment
Succumbing to each other
Raw want and urgent need
In the kitchen
On the counter
They found exquisite pleasure
And it all started because of a dance and that little red dress


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        1. 😍 I definitely will, kind of obsessed with writing, there is so much freedom in writing it all down and sharing. Sharing is something I’m new to and honestly I was terrified at first but now I have embraced it and love the emotion it brings, fear, joy, excitement and even sadness (writing it makes it real for me). Thank you so much for being apart of this experience with me xoxo

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