Today I am reminded how small I am in the big picture of life

As the rain starts falling
My eyes are drawn to small movements around me
The grass is coming alive with tiny creatures
Some come to rejoice in the water puddling on the sidewalk, seeking relief from the heat
Others scurrying to seek shelter under the lush canopy of the trees

I relate this to our life
How we, as humans, view and interact with each other
How we act and react to certain stimuli, like the rain

Are we rushing about ignoring the simple pleasures or are we reveling in the relief of the rainy days

Which of these sets the tone of our day

Kindness & compassion
Caring & supportive
Cold & callous
Silent & distant
Mean & vengeful

Even though we haven’t experienced the same life, we have the same emotions to deal with it
We are all in different places mentally & physically
But at the same time we are all the same

Just a person trying to find their place in this big ole world
Hoping to make some real genuine connections along the way
Writing out our thoughts for someone to hear us and whatever we have to say

Life isn’t always blissful
The rain saturates some days
The clouds eventually will part to make way for more sunshiny days
Remember to take root and grow in those moments
Appreciate the good days
And allow the storms to wash away the bad ones

When it seems like you are alone, just remember there are millions of us out here thinking the same

Be someone’s sunshine today


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