It’s up to You

Loving me is like Heaven
It can also be like Hell

I can be all the Angel you’ll ever need
Or the Demon you seek shelter from as you hide behind your secrecy 

I can fulfill all your life long fantasies 
Or have you begging for mercy from your knees

I can let your hunger feed on my needs
Or leave you thirsting for one last kiss and exquisite release 

I can breathe life into all your desires 
Or suffocate them all, along with your internal fire

I can be your lifeline, full of hope and peace
Or the punishment that you silently want and often seek

I can show you the love you yearn for
Or I can be the pain that leaves you in misery on the cold floor

I can blind you with my sweetness and grace
Or let the Anger lose to take its place

I can be the subtle light to your destiny
Or the darkness that won’t set you free

I can be your everything
Or nothing
It’s up to you


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