Thinking Outloud

The phrase, “think outside the box” should be obsolete. I understand some minds need a little extra coaching or encouragement but wouldn’t that translate better without referencing a box? To me the box itself is limiting and suggesting someone think outside of it, implies, limits, or at least it does to me.

In my world there is no box or standard to place limits or measure against, I inspire change, celebrate uniqueness, embrace passion and encourage creativity. Those are qualities I seek in my relationships, personally and professionally.

I will always be uniquely me, a leader, a creative beauty, or whatever I aspire to be, but always an orginal, it’s just me.




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  1. Well with Schroedinger’s cat, as long as you are thinking “outside the box” that cat is both alive & dead–Fun!

    In college we had a textbook by someone named Hiakawa (I think–Japanese?) & he referred to “2-valued orientation” a common way of either/or Western thinking vs. “multi-valued orientation”–something which always resonated more with me. Probably this is more along the lines of shades of gray or many sides to a story, not just the oft (mis) quoted “2 sides to every story”…

    1. Well, honestly I think more effective communication would nix all implied limits. For instance, I have an idea take it to my creative director, that person tells me think outside the box or doesn’t like the direction of my creativity, then just say that! This won’t work because the campaign is better suited for this target market, that’s effective communication, dont reference some illusive box give me information I can actually use instead of sending me down the rabbit hole looking outside a box with no direction 😄

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