Music = Mood

In This Moment, “Scarlet”

Godsmack, “Under your Scars”

In This Moment, “The Fighter”

Apocalyptica, “Not Strong Enough”

Staind, “The Truth”

Staind, Epiphany

Creed, “Tame my Mind”

Korn, “Coming Undone”

In This Moment, “Sick Like Me”

In This Moment, “Half God, Half Devil”

Godsmack “Serenity”

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  1. Love this convention with making a poem from the titles. πŸ˜ƒ

    Told someone the other day that whenever I am in sleuth mode, it seems like I always have Shinedown and Nickelback on the playlist. And, yes, I was given the obligatory grief over expressing fandom for Nickelback’s music. But, when I have to be thinking investigatively, I definitely have my Nickelback tunes included on the playlist. Thanks for the fun post. πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Thank you Blaine! Nickelback has a couple of songs I like. I like what I like despite others preferences, my playlists are full of the songs that reflect my mood and the words that speak to me. Isn’t that what music is all about, connecting to the music?

      1. You’re speaking my language. πŸ˜ƒ That’s it exactly. It’s how we respond to the music. If we go against the grain, well then, somebody’s just gotta. πŸ˜ƒ I love all genres. The two bands I named above are in the background when I need my neurons firing at maximum while thinking critically. My favorite group is Celtic Woman, as the level of their vocal harmonies and musical accompaniment takes me to a whole different world when I hear their creations. I’m listening to them ALL of the time, and whenever I’m able to read for enjoyment. And, I love gospel since the lyrics are so rich. If you take as an example, “It Is Well.” The song’s origins were birthed by someone who had been to the very depths of the throes of grief, and yet he was able to frame his loss and bring something forth from the tragedy that is now timeless and worthwhile that we have inherited. Anytime I happen to hear, “It Is Well,” since I’m human, I have to stop and soak in the words. No matter how many times I have heard that song, for however many times I hear it in the future, I will always have to stop and listen to it until its completion. That song came at the great personal cost of its writer. And, as a result, he left a legacy where anyone suffering significant cost can hear those lyrics and bond with them. Music has an amazing power. I’ve always loved its relation to mathematics. Math is the language of the universe. This universe of ours is a wonderful concert that is being played out by the second underneath our very feet.

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