Complex Me

She is a product of her experiences and so many other things
Her beauty is the joy, humor & laughter she brings
She is smart, funny, and sometimes interesting
Her mood will determine which one you get to see
Her allure is a combination of so many things
She is thoughtful, kind & seductive
Her mystery can be found in her silence and all the unspoken things
She is simple & enjoys the little things
Her soul sees what you are hiding
She too also hides many things
Her attention is always focused on only a few things
She is healing from things that are broken
Her fragility is not something you will ever see
She is a leader and excels at many things
Her eyes show you the hunger, the want, the pain and everything it all brings
Her body language will tell you to come closer or step away
She is complex in every single way but so worth it

♥️ me

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