Fireworks and moonlight

As everyone was so intensely focused on the fireworks display occurring around me, my attention was captured by the romantic beauty of the the moon. The soft breeze that blew an aromatic scent of jasmine and gunpowder, along with soft remnants of the vanilla coconut lotion that covers my body.

I walk alone down the sidewalk to get away from the noise and commotion, only the brightly shining stars lighting the dark path before me.

Finally, a moment of complete silence, my awareness shifts to my breath, it’s sharp and jagged, I inhale fully, then exhale slowly, practicing the art of mindfulness with deep gratitude for the moment.

I lay on the ground to widen my view so that I may focus on the simple beauty of all that is above me. A calmness enters my body, a sense of pleasure known only to me, under the moon and while laying on this ground.

This is my peace, my comfort, my safe space and where I can be so lost but also completely found.


♥️ me



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