How is it I find more comfort in the written words of a complete stranger?

Shouldn’t I find that comfort closer to home?

Perhaps it is the lack of experiences tainting the connection
The void of pretense
The missing judgment
The ties that bind us together are forged only in support and kindness

The words validating my secret space, setting me free
The depth of communication seems limitless, that’s new for me

Maybe it’s the raw emotion written down, poured out, and shared only for some to see

Is it our struggle
Is it our strength
Is it our passion
Is it our vulnerability
Is writing our connection
Perhaps it is a little bit of all of these.


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  1. I have found writing to be a more pure way of communicating. It is not rushed, you can take the time to think and decide the best way to say something to communicate an idea. And all the messy parts of your life dont get in the way. It can allow for a different kind of connection.

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