Lost Direction

Seeking clarity
Looking for answers
Lost in this misery
My life is a series of routes
Unfortunately there are many delays

The unexpected roadblocks
Send me retreating in fear
Those disastrous detours
Leave me lost with only the memories

A lifetime of construction
Provides only temporary solutions
The complete closures
I wish I felt more comfortable here

These routes I travel have all resulted in the same broken heart
Each has imprinted my mind with a lesson
Some left life altering scars

Each impacting me totally but continuously tearing me apart
Completely lost
Lost with no direction

Prisoner of my own brain
Desperately seeking direction
Too bad I haven’t stumbled across that yet

Facing this road alone
Solitary confinement eases my soul and kinda feels like home
I continue searching without direction

A nomadic existence
Playing a character in my own life
Slowly treading water
Lost out here
No direction

Desperately trying
Hoping one day, I’ll finally find a space of comfort
Maybe then I can finally let someone in.

The Broken Inside of Me

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