How did I take 800 photos in 2 hours?!

Well it all started with……
The tiniest little baby frog hopping across the patio
So cute
Oh look a bird just landed a foot from me to grab a bug for breakfast
Oooooooh goodness is that a snake, better zoom in and take 50 pictures just to be certain
And there are some lizards doing an intimidation dance off while intermittently displaying their big red throats
Speaking of red, look at my Easter lily so pretty better take 100 photos just to ensure I get 1 good one while wondering why it is still blooming as the other 4 look practically dead
Oh my goodness the jasmine along the fence smells amazing and really is a simple but pretty flower, better snap a few pics of that too
Hmmmm interesting, the jasmine is crawling with tiny creatures
An all blue Dragonfly, how cool better take a couple pics, dangit sit still for 2 seconds so I can get a clear pic
And cue my dog to start running, jumping, lunging and chasing the dragonfly, hilarity ensues, better capture this with another 100 or so pictures
I just realized the dragonfly is flying, the dog is pursuing it, I am furiously following both, and my other furbaby is closely following me
All for the perfect picture
It also occurred to me in that moment, If my neighbor coincidentally looked out their upstairs window at that moment, pretty certain she thinks I am a wackadoo
I’ve been called worse so no worries there
Oh look my Doberman is doing the downward dog, (Adho mukha svanasana yoga pose) with the majority of her body in the jasmine bush
That dobie booty sticking out, her nubby little tail wagging furiously and I certainly better capture this via 300 more pics so I can share with my Yogi Master at our next class!
800 pictures later
I see the beauty in it all
It’s the simple things that capture my attention


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